Financial Mathematics

The program lasts for 4 semesters. The studies' plan contains 1000 hours of courses for which one can obtain 132 ECTS credits. A necessary condition for graduation is completion of at least 1000 hours of classes and obtaining at least 120 ECTS credits.

Cele kształcenia

Graduate of financial mathematics with MSc degree has comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of mathematics, which makes him  able to work  in various positions and use mathematical tools in the IT, financial, commercial or industry sector. Professional teaching of mathematics in school or at an academic level is also possible. The graduate may also continue education in a form of PhD studies.

Sylwetka absolwenta

The graduate:

  • has in-depth understanding of mathematics and its applications, ability to construct mathematical reasoning and testing of mathematical hypotheses
  • can acquire knowledge and skills on his own,
  • has the ability to think in abstract way, to communicate and explain mathematical ideas
  • can create and apply mathematical models in solving practical problems
  • uses advanced computer tools,
  • is ready to contunue education in PhD school.

Kwalifikacje absolwenta specjalności

Graduate, apart from comprehensive mathematical background, has knowledge of applications of mathematics in economy and finance. He/she is proficient in processing data, modelling economic and financial phenomena, optimizing economic activity, preparing estimates and analysis of economic activity, evaluating investments, using mathematical methods in financial and insurance markets. Graduate is ready do work in finances, insurance, commerce and industry.

Marcin Pitera
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