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The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is the only scientific institution in Krakow conducting PhD studies in Mathematical Sciences. That is the reason our Faculty seems to be natural place for the graduates of any mathematical students in Krakow who wishes to continue studies at the PhD level. By such means our studies might be considered as the environmental studies. Our students however, attend the courses commenced by other universities, but that's not the general rule. Not to take false view, we are open for candidates for PhD studies from all other the world. Every lecture we offer is prepared in both English and Polish to enable foreign students to understand the subject. Besides lectures prepared by our staff, we annually invite guests from different universities, all of whom are most successful mathematicians, to give lectures to PhD students.
The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science offers both great staff and conditions of studying. Lectures are commenced at new academical campus. All of which guarantees that PhD studies we offer are carried out in best possible standards. It would also be very unfair not to mention great ambiance and history that accompany Krakow.
The fields in which we specialize and in which we offer our PhD studies cover:
    •    functional analysis,
    •    differential analysis,
    •    complex analysis,
    •    analytic and algebraic geometry,
    •    differential geometry,
    •    chosen topics over applied mathematics,
    •    differential equations,
    •    approximation theory,
    •    dynamical systems,
    •    financial mathematics.
Every PhD student is has to attend and pass exams of several lectures provided by their individual program. Moreover, they should attend to seminaries and give talks on subjects connected to theirs actual research or thesis.
Information about current seminars might be found at
Program of the PhD studies is arranged to target several groups:
    •    best mathematics graduates over last years,
    •    teachers who ended their studies years from present time and who are already lacking some knowledge from their studies,
    •    mathematicians working at other universities but at leave of absence for the PhD studies.
Every PhD student accepted for the first year of studies is given opportunity to replenish or refresh their knowledge - a possibility to attend to the lectures for Bachelor and Master degree lectures.
The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science does whatever it takes to ease students in financial aspects of studying. We offer huge range of university scholarships as well as encourage students to apply for grants and external scholarships.
In order to make our offer more attractive for the PhD students we invite guest lecturers as well as we encourage our students to attend to at least some of their lectures at some of universities from our partner list. Our students might be part of several great programs such as Environmental Studies in Mathematical Sciences or International PhD projects.


Dagmara Waszkiewicz
Śr, 25 lip 2012 12:53:42 +0000