Information about obligatory apprenticeship during bachelor's degree studies.

Apprenticeships coordinator is dr Anna Valette.


According to standards for bachelor's degree studies students are obliged to undergo apprenticeship.

Each student should work in Faculty of Mathematics for 3 weeks equivalent to 30 work hours. Apprenticeship might be undergone also in the place of student's choice.

With agreement of the Coordinator, apprenticeship might be undergone in various ways.

For example, students might take part in ventures promoting the Faculty or the University, organized by the University or the Faculty. Help in conference or workshops or help in the faculty library is also suitable. To fulfill apprenticeship duty, student might also:

  • help in organization of contests held by the Faculty, (Mathematics or Computer Science) in particular National Olympiad in Mathematics
  • help younger students with their courses (co-coordinated by Zaremba Association of Students of Mathematics)

  • help in organization and administration work in Faculty of Mathematics, for example in administering Institute's webpage, Institute's Open Days

  • other works for the Institute accepted by Apprenticeship Coordinator.

With the Coordinator's approval, student may fulfill apprenticeships duty in other ways, not directly related to the University. For example:


  • student might teach younger children, especially in orphanages, hospices, etc.
  • student might help to organize mathematical contests, festivals for pupils and school teachers in particular those organized by Stowarzyszenie Nauczycieli Matematyki (Mathematics Teachers Association),
  • student might undergo apprenticeship in bank or other company, that is related to mathematics as a branch of science

Apprenticeship Coordinator's decision concernig suitability of a certain work to be regarded as an appretinceship might be appealed to the Vice-Director of Student Affairs. Director's decision is considered final.


Appreticeship's index entry is made by Appreticenship coordinator based on confirmations received from employees of Institute of Mathematics (eg. organizatorso of conferences, library employees, patrons of International Workshop for Young Mathematicians, Zaremba Association of Mathematicians' patron), Regional Committer of Mathematical Olympiad or appriopriate people outside of Institute of Mathematics is the apprenticeship is undergone outside of the Institute.

Jerzy Szczepański
Śr, 12 gru 2012 12:00:12 +0000