Master Studies

Candidate for master studies in mathematics (2nd degree studies) chooses at least one mathematical specialization out of five available: 

Financial mathematics

Graduate, apart from comprehensive mathematical background, will have, knowledge of applications of mathematics in economy and finance, data processing data, modelling economic and financial phenomena, optimizing economic activity, preparing estimates and analysis of economic activity, evaluating investments.

Mathematical Education

It prepares mathematicaly, didactically, psychologically to teaching mathematics in school at all levels while using up-to-date multimedia techniques

Applied Mathematics

It provides broad mathematical knowledge, extended by basic computing skills and natural sciences; it prepares for interdisciplinary cooperation, mathematical modelling and computer simulation of scientific phenomena, statistical thinking and data processing, optimization of industry processes, preparing tests for new technology.

Pure Mathematics

It provides the background for PhD studies and scientific research. The students are under individual guidance of a scientist.

Machine learning

It provides broad mathematical knowledge, extended by topics related to machine learning and their mathematical background; it prepares for scientific cooperation in the projecting, training, and testing of machine learning models.

In all matters relating to recruitment, please contact the Department of Admissions at the Jagiellonian University:
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