Generating email addresses and telephone numbers

E-mail addresses

All employees and PhD students in Instutite of Mathematics have email addresses of the form:, where all polish letters (ąćęłńóśźżĄĆĘŁŃÓŚŹŻ) in name and surname should be replaced with latin letters (acelnoszzACELNOSZZ). For example, if Paweł Iksiński was an employee, he would have an email account:
BEWARE: Email addresses given here are official email addresses of employees and PhD students of the Institute of Mathematics. We reserve right to interpret the above statement and take any action allowed by law against those who do not adhere to the statement. In particular, all mail connections from networks, that are responsible for sending unwanted emails (spam) may be denied without warining. We inform that we do not want to receive advertisements of any form.

Telephone numbers

Four-digit telephone numbers given at the page are internal phone numbers at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. To connect with a particular internal number from outside please dial the internal phone number prepended by (12)664-.


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